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Crimson Campaigner's Helmet Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1750

Duel power: 433
Attack: 350
Defense: 350
Seeing Red: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Crimson Campaigner set worn; Extra damage against Campaigns; PvP Bonus: +200 power, +75 damage, +50 deflect

Helm crimson campaigner

Helm crimson campaigner f

III. "My folks were poor. And even if they'd been rich, my mother would've slapped my face if I'd asked for the gold. Slapped me and told me to grow up. Told me it was stupid to give expensive presents to a girl I barely even knew. I wouldn't have listened, of course. I'd have just done what I did. Stupid, stupid boy that I was." -- Tibbon, 'Tales of Red Heroes'
Obtained By:

Legion of Darkness (Raid)

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded with 5x Mina's Wish to create Crimson Crusader's Helm

Part of Crimson Campaigner Set
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