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Count Siculus' Signet Ring
Raid damage: 450

Duel power: 60
Attack: 90
Defense: 90
Perception: 60
Sign of Siculus:Chance for bonus damage; chance to restore health; Extra Health restored for each additional Count Siculus item equipped

Ring siculus signet
In his days as a human warlord, before he walked the shadowy path of the vampire, Count Siculus used his distinctive signet ring to seal his messages. Whenever a rival noble received a missive with its image sunk into the blood-colored wax, they knew that they had attracted his dread gaze -- and might have to face his armies in battle. After his destruction, Mina von Richten took it and tossed it into the nearest midden to symbolize the end of his reign of terror. But one of his surviving minions braved the filth and stench to recover it.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 8/5/11 until 8/24/11

Part of Count Siculus' Set
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