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Corruptor's Crown Epic Helm
Raid damage: 14600

Duel power: 1967
Attack: 2900
Defense: 3000
Insidious Corruption: 10% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each unique piece of Putrefaction set owned; Extra 32% damage against Guild raids; Increases Player's Honor by 190

Helm putrefaction
3. Why weren't the bards singing more songs about his great exploits? Why weren't the people more grateful for his protection? If no one was going to appreciate his deeds, perhaps they should be reminded of his power.

He returned to Putrefaction's corpse and fashioned a crown from its head. The skull draped over his face, always glistening with an unhealthy sheen, and made his eyes grow fever bright.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item September 2017 for 20Planet Coin

Part of Putrefaction Set
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