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Codex's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1500

Duel power: 200
Attack: 300
Defense: 300
Perception: 300
My Name is Codex: Chance for bonus damage against Large and Colossal raids

Ring codex
XII. From a distant hilltop, three people gazed at the dragon-rider's camp. Black robes fluttered in the nocturnal wind.

"There they are!" Barhoff said. He pointed towards the outermost tents, where half a dozen tiny figures were setting out across the plain. "Soon he will rise!"

"What of %name%?" Sister Narme asked. "If %he% learns of their nature and their purpose..."

"It makes no difference," the old woman said. "%name% has killed many creatures, but even %he% cannot slay them. No one can, except... It's of no consequence. Our work will soon be done, the prophecy fulfilled. Our master will return! This kingdom shall be his! All hail Xarabesh!"

"Where's Trevor?"

"He's visiting an old friend," Barhoff said.

Obtained By:

Dealing 130b damage to Knights of Evil (World Raid)

Additional Info:

Tinkerballa's Bow Codex's Ring Evil Codex Toy
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