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Codex's Hair Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1125

Duel power: 250
Attack: 225
Defense: 225
Lady in Red: Chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +100 power, +75 damage, +75 deflect

Helm codex

Helm codex f

IX. The present...

"Things are going great! Last year I was a girl called Cyd with a stupid lover who thought he could sing, and I was doing boring work at the temple. Now I have great friends, a fantastic guild, and everyone calls me Codex. That's a real adventurer's name!" She beamed into the orb. Then she bit her lip. "And I think Marcus likes me... Or was he was just being polite?"

Codex sighed. The glowing energy inside her arcane repository gave a gentle pulse as though in sympathy. It illuminated the walls of the little tent, casting pretty patterns on the canvas.

"I mean, he thanked me for healing his wound. And he said I have a gentle touch. That's flirting, isn't it? Vork never says that when I heal him. He just tells me I'm using the wrong spell or something. Bladezz makes stupid jokes... Bladezz. I thought he'd learn his lesson after that thing with his mother, but he's still the same as always. He got in a big fight with %name% today -- because he was hassling some of the women. %name% said if we don't keep Bladezz in line, %he'll% give him a good kicking. Why does Bladezz have to embarrass us like that? And Tink was fighting with Rissa over loot..."

The healer's diatribe continued for quite some time. When she was done, she deactivated the repository, laid it aside, and climbed into her bedroll. Codex was in deep sleep when the orb began to glow again. So she didn't see the trail of purple light drift away through the tent flap...

Obtained By:

Dealing 100k damage to Knights of Evil (World Raid)

Additional Info:

Evil Codex's Steed Codex's Hair Vork's Armor
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