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Claudia Bloodwyn unique Troop
Legion damage: 360

Duel power: 133
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Race undead Undead
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Anything You Can Do...: Whenever a General does damage Claudia does a larger amount of damage (Note: This does not apply to damage mimic abilities); Claudia's Attack and Defense increase by 5 for each General owned.

Claudia bloodwyn
The youngest daughter in her noble family, Claudia knew from an early age that she would have to prove herself worthier than her siblings if she wished to secure a more generous slice of power than would normally come her way. So she studied all the arts of war and peace, soon outdoing the castle's tutors and masters-at-arms forcing her father to hire replacements from further afield. Eventually Claudia's drive for perfection became her prime goal, more important to her than the titles and wealth she had once sought to inherit via her talents, and she decided that a single human lifetime would never grant her enough time to excel at every field.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 08/05/11 - 08/19/11

Additional Info:
  • There are currently 1,011 generals in the web version of DotD.

Her ability is a reference to the song/phrase; "Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you."


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