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Citadel Master's Barbute Rare Helm
Raid damage: 1390

Duel power: 183
Attack: 280
Defense: 270
Castellan: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Guild raids; Extra damage for each unique piece of Citadel Master equipment worn; Extra damage for each unique Citadel book owned

Helm citadel master
"No, don't build %name%'s residence next to the alchemists. If those potion-mixing lunatics blow the place up, I don't want King Jamus asking why the dragon-rider's just a pair of smoking boots." -- Citadel Master Hunforth
Obtained By:

Tuxargus (Guild Raid)

Part of Citadel Master Set


  • Citadel Master's Barbute is a part of one recipe.
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