Chieftain Horgrak is the first boss encounter for Burden's Rest. As with all bosses, Chieftain Horgrak can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence koboldchieftain Chieftain Horgrak Essence Used to summon Chieftain Horgrak (Raid) Chieftain Horgrak quest boss
Citadel book weaponsmith Weaponsmith Book This book allows you to construct the Weaponsmith in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating Chieftain Horgrak (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N Chieftain Horgrak
Mobile Version only
Main captainhammer Captain's Hammer 12 8 14 Many Raids
Main koboldmachaira Kobold Machaira 13 6 15 Quest boss - Chieftain Horgrak
Legion 1 Strike Quest Boss - Chieftain Horgrak, Mazalu, and General Grune


Enter battle

Victory! The kobolds flee before you, many casting aside their arms in their haste to escape your vengeance. You move to pursue them, to cut them down in their flight and make them pay in blood for those they have slain. Then a stocky, armored figure shoves his way through the other kobolds.

His blade lashes out once, twice, and two of the kobolds fall lifeless to the ground. He shouts something in a bestial tongue, no doubt a warning of the grim fate that awaits deserters. The remaining kobolds stop running, and slowly begin to line up behind their chieftain.

It's clear what you must do. You must cut the chieftain down, and strike fear into the hearts of his followers...


The kobold chieftain bellows in defiance, but blood and strength flow together from his wounds. The blade drops from his hand, and his eyes widen as if in disbelief. He grunts something in his unintelligible language. Perhaps a word of congratulations to a superior warrior. Perhaps a bitter curse. Then he falls, toppling over like a felled oak tree. The other kobolds are in flight before he hits the ground. They don't get far.

You hear the clattering of hooves, the rattling of arms and armor. Sounds which went unheeded during your battle with the chieftain. Now you see a group of horsemen, the town's guards back from patrol, as they ride down the surviving kobolds - dispatching them with thrusts of their lances and swings of their gleaming swords.

The guard captain wheels his horse round and faces you.

"The town! They're in the town!"

You gaze towards Burden's Rest in the distance, and see the dark mass flowing amongst the shining white buildings. The battle isn't over yet.

The others look to you for guidance, even the guard captain. His men have trained to fight packs of bandits, not wage war. For better or worse, your slaying of the kobold chieftain has placed you in charge.

You call for the farmhands to grab what weapons they can from the dead. Then you march to Burden's Rest, to rescue it from its enemies or else die alongside your fellow townspeople.


The kobolds cheer as you flee from their mighty chieftain. The other farmhands back in disarray, their morale broken. If you don't return to the fray, all is lost.

Additional Info

Cheiftain Horgrak Quick ReferenceNightmareMax damage = 50