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Chargurk of the Dark Pankration Epic General
Legion damage: 1230

Duel power: 325
Attack: 525
Defense: 450
Race orc Orc
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Chargurk Breaks: 13% chance to deal 12,500 damage; Extra 60,000 damage against Demon raids; Extra 20,000 damage against Undead raids; Increases player's Attack and Defense by 15 and Stamina by 4 for each unique piece of Dark Pankration set owned; Increases player's Attack and Defense by 25 for each unique piece of Necro-Lord's set owned; Gains 10 Attack and Defense and extra 500 bonus damage for each Dark Pankratiast in the active legion; Gains 100 Attack and Defense if Megan of the Dark Pankration is owned

"I hit zombies, zombies break," Chargurk says. "I hit demons, demons break. I hit vampires..."

"Vampires break?" you say.

"Yes!" The orc grins. "You've seen Chargurk fight vampires before!"

Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

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