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Celestial Dawn Sabatons Boots
Raid damage: 27000

Duel power: 3600
Attack: 5400
Defense: 5400
Perception: 5400
Draconic Mastery: 15% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 30,000 damage for each piece of Celestial Dawn set owned; Extra 5,000 damage for each piece of Rising, Crystal, Glorious, Breaking, Endless or Eternal Dawn set owned; Extra 50% damage against Dragon, World, Event and Deadly raids; Increases critical hit chance against Dragon raids by 3%; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 2%

Celestial dawn boots

Celestial dawn boots f

"Though the orocs would welcome us among their own, we would be strangers to their society. Our customs, our way of life is unlike any other that walks Tor'gyyl. Our lives are essential yet none would mourn our passing. Such is our charge." --Empyrean of the Crystal Dawn
Obtained By:


Part of Celestial Dawn Set


  • Celestial Dawn Sabatons is a part of one recipe.
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