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Celestial Dawn Pendant unique Neck
Raid damage: 27000

Duel power: 3600
Attack: 5400
Defense: 5400
Perception: 5400
Draconic Mastery: 15% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 30,000 damage for each piece of Celestial Dawn set owned; Extra 5,000 damage for each piece of Rising, Crystal, Glorious, Breaking, Endless or Eternal Dawn set owned; Extra 50% damage against Dragon, World, Event and Deadly raids; Each attack has a 10% chance to trigger a second attack against Dragon raids without additional cost while worn (this effect does not function if Haste is applied to the raid)

Celestial dawn pendant neck
A symbol of the tyranny all orders of the Dawn have fought against for countless years. A reminder of the many battles that have gone by, and the countless wars yet to come.
Obtained By:


Part of Celestial Dawn Set


  • Celestial Dawn Pendant is a part of one recipe.
Celestial Dawn Pendant Misc/Tokens
Collection celestial dawn coin 2 grey
Collection celestial dawn coin 3 green
Collection celestial dawn coin 4 blue
Collection celestial dawn coin 5 purple
Collection celestial dawn coin 6 orange
Celestial dawn pendant neck
Purified spirit troop
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