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Celestial Dawn Hallowed Drake Mount
Raid damage: 35910

Duel power: 4788
Attack: 7182
Defense: 7182
Perception: 7182
Draconic Mastery: 15% chance to deal 300% damage; Extra 15% damage for each piece of Celestial Dawn set owned; Extra 10% damage for each piece of Rising, Crystal, Glorious, Breaking, Endless or Eternal Dawn set owned; Extra 1,500% damage against Dragon raids; Extra 700% damage against World, Event and Deadly raids; Increases critical hit chance against Dragon raids by 3%; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 2%

Celestial dawn mount
"A glorious beast to be sure! Have they fitted the saddle properly?" Sir Linaris examines the beast and gives a few tugs of the straps, tutting the entire time, "No, no, no! This will never do. %name%'s thighs are far too supple for this saddle. We need to reduce this strap by a quarter inch here and two inches there. How embarrassing. Fortunately I have all your measurements here and can do this myself, no need to thank me of course! I do this out of devotion to your and your mythical deeds." --Sir Linaris of the Glorious Dawn
Obtained By:


Part of Celestial Dawn Set


  • Celestial Dawn Hallowed Drake is a part of one recipe.
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