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Celcinoe General
Legion damage: 950

Duel power: 225
Attack: 425
Defense: 250
Race merfolk Merfolk
Role melee Melee
Source wisdom Wisdom
Depth Charge: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Merfolk troop in the active legion; Celcinoe increases the Attack and Defense of each Merfolk troop in the same legion by 3

8. "Wait! This is all just a misunderstanding!" you say.

A few of the guards prod you with their tridents, and the illusionary layer of merfolk flesh does little to ease the discomfort that causes.

"We'll feed you to the Ninth Terror!" Celcinoe declares. "Take him/her to the chamber of sacrifice!"

Obtained By:

Merfolk Chest, Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

Additional Info:

Merfolk Illusion Feet Celcinoe Celcinoe's Warrior
Part of Merfolk Illusion Set
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