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Cedric small Cedric the Smashable (Event Raid)
Size Players Magics Timer (hrs) Cooldown
Event 90,000 0 24 N/A
Construct , Festival
Resources: Energy, Stamina, Honor
Loot Table
Dotd loot cedric the smashable


Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Percentpot energy Volatile Energy Potion Consumable Restores 25% base Energy
Percentpot stamina Volatile Stamina Potion Consumable Restores 25% Base Stamina
Crescent moon envelop Drifting Dreams Envelope Consumable A satchel of tickets for the Festival of Drifting Dreams
Pet candy dragon Candy Dragon Familiar

Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Grand energy potion Energy Potion (Grand) Consumable Restores 100 Energy
Grand stamina potion Stamina Potion (Grand) Consumable Restores 50 Stamina
Harvested crystal Harvested Crystal Boost Increases Kezeraa's Attack and Defense by 6 and extra damage by 28; Increases Cornerstone's Attack and Defense by 2 and damage by 200; Every 5 Harvested Crystals owned increases Dismantle's damage by 1% (MAX: 200)

Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Pot eng 3 Energy Potion (Greater) Consumable Restores 25 Energy
Pot stam 3 Stamina Potion (Greater) Consumable Restores 10 Stamina

Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Pot eng 2 Energy Potion Consumable Restores 10 Energy
Pot stam 2 Stamina Potion Consumable Restores 5 Stamina

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