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War is a two phase raid with different goals and different loot for each phase. When a War is started you will find access to it on the home page. Tapping the event banner will take you to the event page.

Phase 1

Phase 1 last for 5 days (120 hours) and consists of three different raids. Each raid uses a separate resource; Energy, Stamina, or Honor. As you contribute War Victory Tokens you will see both your personal and the community totals increase. The goal is to contribute as many War Victory Tokens as possible while the event is up. When the time has expired you will receive rewards based on both your personal contributions as well as the efforts of the entire community.

The raids are 100 person raids with 4 magic slots, a 48 hour timer, a 12 hour cool down, and no difficulty option.
Defeating these raids will earn you loot like normal, included in that loot will be a special item the “War Victory Token”.
As you defeat raids you must take your war victory tokens back to the event page and contribute them to the effort. This is done by hitting the contribute button on the event page.
You must deposit any War Victory Token for them to count. Having them in your inventory does NOT count.
Any War Victory Token that haven't been contributed by the end of Phase 1 will not be included.
After Phase 1 timer ends you will be able to finish any active raids, however you will not be able to contribute any additional tokens.
Phase 1 loot tables work by checking your total contributions and then moving to the community tier.
The Honor version of the raid has half the amount of health of Stamina and Energy versions.

War Victory Tokens

You will receive victory tokens per event raid at the following rate

  • 1 Tokens at 500,000 damage
  • 3 Tokens at 1,500,000 damage
  • 10 Tokens at 5,000,000 damage
  • 20 Tokens at 10,000,000 damage
  • 40 Tokens at 20,000,000 damage
  • 120 Tokens at 60,000,000 damage
  • 200 Tokens at 100,000,000 damage
  • 400 Tokens at 200,000,000 damage
  • 1000 Tokens at 500,000,000 damage
  • 1500 Tokens at 750,000,000 damage
  • 2000 Tokens at 1,000,000,000 damage

Phase 2

Phase two will be the War “Boss Battle” and will be in the form of a world raid, but with a twist. The raid that is summoned will be affected by the amount of total community contributions of War Victory Tokens. Below is an example of the tiers system, tiers subject to change with each war.

  • Community tier 1 (1,000,000 tokens) 2 Day raid / 100,000,000,000 top tier / 2 magic slots
  • Community tier 2 (10,000,000 tokens) 3 Day raid / 150,000,000,000 top tier / 3 magic slots
  • Community tier 3 (50,000,000 tokens)4 Day raid / 250,000,000,000 top tier / 4 magic slots
  • Community tier 4 (100,000,000 tokens)5 Day raid / 500,000,000,000 top tier / 5 magic slots


  • Only 1 raid will be summoned at the community tier that is reached, regardless of how close the community is to the next tier.
  • The higher loot tiers will contain the loot from the previous tiers, so if say a lockbox key and a general are available at the 150 billion tier they will still be there on a higher tier and the other tiers will be added to the end.
  • Magic is normally voted for on the forums for upcoming world raids.
  • Phase 2 of War are often used as a world raid without running phase 1.
  • When used in place of a World Raid the loot tables often still contain "community tier" next to top tiers, this should be ignored. Community tiers are simply normal tiers when phase 1 isn't used, hitting for that amount will get the loot in the tier.

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