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Burning Bone Bombarder Epic Mount
Raid damage: 2500

Duel power: 233
Attack: 600
Defense: 100
Smoldering Skulls, Flaming Femurs: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Castle Mandrake Set worn; Extra damage for each Osteo Engineer in the active legion; Extra damage against Siege raids; Chance to consume Burning Bones for heavy extra damage against Siege raids

Mount burning bone bambarder
Siege engineering seems like a strange blend of science, psychology, and insanity. But if the experts think launching piles of burning bones at the enemy might work, who are you to argue?
Obtained By:

Crafting together the following items:

or dealing 25 Billion damage to Castle Mandrake II (Event Raid)

Part of Castle Mandrake Set


  • Burning Bone Bombarder is a part of one recipe.
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