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A quiet little farming town. Most inhabitants of Burden's Rest work the fields, producing crops that are traded along the river.

Burden's Rest is the starting area where all players begin after creating their character.

Burden's Rest Faedark Valley →
Fields | Town Square | The Keep


Title Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
From Farmhand to Savior
(Complete Burden's Rest on Nightmare difficulty.)
Acv burdensrest 1.png
5 AP
Acv burdensrest 2.png
10 AP
Acv burdensrest 3.png
25 AP
Acv burdensrest 4.png
50 AP
Acv burdensrest 5.png
100 AP
Acv burdensrest 6.png
250 AP
Acv burdensrest 7.png
500 AP


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Shield barrellid.png Barrel Lid 0 10 3 Quest boss - Mazalu
Main captainhammer.png Captain's Hammer 12 8 14 Many Raids
Main koboldmachaira.png Kobold Machaira 13 6 15 Quest boss - Chieftain Horgrak
Helm tullian.png Mayor Tullian's Helm 10 10 13 60 Increases Energy by 3 Quest boss - Nightmare General Grune
Midashand.jpg Midas' Touch Attacks by any raid member have a 5% chance to obtain 100% additional gold Quest bosses - Mazalu and General Grune
Roland v2.jpg Roland 35 50 48 Adventurer's Spirit: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+8); Chance for Bonus Damage if Plundered Dungeon Sign is owned Questing: Burden's Rest - Town Square - The Barbarian Barkeep
Legion 1.png Strike Quest Boss - Chieftain Horgrak, Mazalu, and General Grune
Chest studdedleather.png Studded Leather Chest 5 5 6 Available from the bazaar once you make it out of the fields in Burden's Rest
Gloves studdedleather.png Studded Leather Gloves 5 5 6 Bazaar after beating Chieftain Horgrak quest boss
Pants studdedleather.png Studded Leather Pants 5 5 6 Bazaar - Burden's Rest Town Square
Boots studdedleather.png Studded Leather Boots 5 5 6 Bazaar after beating Chieftain Horgrak
Chest silver.png Silver Breastplate 8 10 11 10 General Grune quest boss
Belt brown.png Brown Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt grey.png Grey Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt green.png Green Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt blue.png Blue Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt purple.png Purple Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt orange.png Orange Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting

Pre Lore

Tor'gyyl. A world teeming with sentient races and the scores of civilizations they've carved out upon its lands and within its seas. Humans and elves, warriors and wizards, scholars and barbarians... These and countless other beings both fathomable and inscrutable call Tor'gyyl home.

But among all these multitudes, the millions of denizens who vary in shape and hue and might, our gaze falls upon one lone individual - a <man/woman> who dwells in the kingdom of West Kruna. <player's name>. You.

Quest Lore


Pre Lore

You were working in the field when they came, just a common farmhand earning a living through the strength of your back and the sweat of your brow. Such things as wyrms and ogres were the stuff of children’s stories, and nothing more.

Then the dragons’ forces arrived. A dark army charging towards Burden‘s Rest. packs of vicious kobolds sweeping into the fields to slaughter those caught outside the town... Your old life is over.

Quest Lore

For Life and Limb

Z1 a1 q1 v2.jpg
"Around you other farmhands scream in fear, unable to understand what's happening. Then they scream in pain, as the grotesque creatures begin their slaughter. The murderous eyes of a kobold meet your own, and his blade flashes at your neck."

Your Brother's Keeper

Z1 a1 q2 v2.jpg
"The kobold falls to the ground, and splutters out his last breath. For the moment you’re safe, and part of you yearns to run, to leave the madness far behind. Then you hear one of the other farmhands crying out for help, and you rush to his aid."

Red Harvest

Z1 a1 q3 v2.jpg
"The kobolds are weak and cowardly. They sought to murder defenseless people, not battle with armed men and women. Now, as you rally the other farmhands and fight back, they falter. A roar of primal fury tears from your mouth as you charge."

Boss: Chieftain Horgrak

Town Square

Pre Lore

Burdens Rest is in pandemonium, its streets littered with corpses and awash with blood. A dozen little battles rage across the town square, bands of men and women fighting for their lives against hideous creatures far more fearsome than the kobolds you slew in the fields. They are twisted beings, unholy blends of man and beast.

Something across the square catches your eye. There, where the enemy are thickest, is a huge pink globe, pulsing with eldritch light. An ogre stands next to it, towering above the other monsters, his hand pressed against the strange sphere. He nods his ugly head, then moves off in the direction of the keep. Many of the creatures follow in his wake.

For a moment your gaze lingers on the object, but there is no time to ponder what you‘ve seen. You and your companions plunge into the chaotic: fighting determined to do what you can to tum the tide.

Quest Lore

Gaining a Foothold

Z1 a2 q1 v2.jpg
"You order your fighters to secure this end of the square, so you can push forward Without getting flanked. Chaos favors the monsters and their bestial savagery. You have to impose order on the battlefield if you wish to push them back."

The Barbarian Barkeep

Z1 a2 q2 v2.jpg
"A monster's body crashes through the window of the tavern. A grim figure leaps out after it, a crimson sword in each hand. Roland the barkeep, a retired adventurer, has evidently lost none of his skills. You move to support him as more monsters approach."

Playing With Fire

Z1 a2 q3 v2.jpg
"The town's blacksmith stands in the doorway of his forge, protecting those who sought shelter in there with blows from his mighty hammer. But some of the creatures have seized flaming torches, and are trying to set fire to the building. You must stop them."

From the Jaws of Death

Z1 a2 q4 v2.jpg
"In the midst of the fighting you see a woman knocked to the ground. she tries to struggle to her feet, but her injuries are too severe. You barge your way to her side, and grab hold of her. If you can just drag her out of the melee..."

Boss: Mazalu

The Keep

Pre Lore

The keep is the most defensible position in Burden's Rest, but centuries ago, even so quiet a settlement had to be prepared to resist invasion from its rivals. That's why the children and others incapable of taking up arms were sent there, in hope that the keep's guards could protect them. Now they're in danger.

Whether the enemy intends to slaughter the helpless out of spite as a final act of brutality against Burden's Rest, or hopes to gain control of the keep and hold it against the townspeople, they cannot be permitted to succeed.

Quest Lore

Storming the Keep

Z1 a3 q1 v2.jpg
"As you head towards the entrance, the huge doors begin to close. The creatures hold the hall, and are trying to bar you out. You break into a sprint. You have to get inside before they can shut the doors, else the keep is lost."

Into the Breach

Z1 a3 q2 v2.jpg
"You and those of your companions fleetest of foot barge through the gap between the doors, smashing the bestial creatures aside. You're breathless, but lay into them for all your worth, fighting to give the others time to enter."

Sinister Combat

Z1 a3 q3 v2.jpg
"The hall is secure, you begin to search the keep. You make the upper floors, but the enemy have entrenched themselves on the staircases. With a curse you switch your weapon to your left hand, so that you can fight your way up the clockwise spiral."


Z1 a3 q4 v2.jpg
"The children and the enfeebled, those sent away from the battle, must have taken spears from their armory. Now they're holding a doorway, keeping the monsters at bay with a forest of jabbing steel. Their bravery won't be in vain. You run to help them."

Boss: General Grune

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