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Brajji Epic unique Troop
Legion damage: 4140

Duel power: 1333
Attack: 2500
Defense: 1500
Race oroc Oroc
Role melee Melee
Trans16 Any
Crystalline Justice: 10% chance to deal 60,000 damage; Extra 3,500 damage for each Oroc troop in the active legion; Extra 500,000 damage against Beastman raids; Gains 30 Attack and Defense for each Crystal Slaughterer in the active legion

Brajji troop
"Yes, even beneath the earth my people have dealt with these disgusting creatures. Their kind has no place on Tor'gyyl and we'll be sure to remind them of this with stone and spell." --Brajji
Obtained By:



  • Brajji is a part of one recipe.
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