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Bow of the Great Khan Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 750

Duel power: 80
Attack: 170
Defense: 70
Eldritch Archery: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Blade of the Great Khan, Signet of the Great Khan, or Steed of the Great Khan are equipped

Off khan bow
"The Khan's arm was left broken, and even with the shaman's ministrations it would be long before it could again wield the weapons of war. But the great warrior refused to shirk battle so long as enemies still lived to be fought. He called out to the heavens, bellowing at the gods whom he had never praised, and demanded that they aid him. Whether it was for their own amusement, that he might serve as their scourge, or because even the divine immortals feared the Great Khan, they acquiesced." - Chronicles of the Great Khan
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Part of Great Khan's Set
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