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Blue Knight's Sabatons Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1065

Duel power: 140
Attack: 215
Defense: 205
Perception: 90
Azure Justice: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Blue Knight set item equipped

Boots blue knight
VII. Aaron told Azura to remain, and Daltia tethered her horse -- not trusting the less intelligent animal's discipline so much as the knight trusted the unicorn's. Then the two of them followed the signs the elf had discovered. They moved slowly, and muffled the clanking of their armored plates as best they could. There was no need for haste. Daltia could see that the woman whose path they followed hadn't been running. Perhaps she didn't believe anyone would have happened upon the corpse so soon. But the thought which troubled both their minds was another possibility: that she didn't fear any pursuit which may come...
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 11/09/12 - 01/18/13

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions 6/7/13 - ???

Part of Blue Knight's Set
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