Bloody Alice is the second boss encounter for Faedark Valley. As with all bosses, Bloody Alice can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence bloodyalice Bloody Alice Essence Used to summon Bloody Alice (Raid) Bloody Alice quest boss
Legion 1 Holy Blast Quest Boss - Ataxes, Lurking Horror and Bloody Alice
Gloves handguards Blademaster Handguards 7 11 10 Occasional drop from Bloody Alice quest boss


Enter battle

Solus helps to drag the big cat's furry mass aside as you crawl out from under the corpse. You clamber to your feet and look around for a glimpse of the man you were after before the creature lunged at you. You're just in time to see him clambering over the palisade with his prize.

You turn to mount Solus and pursue him but stop when you hear a cry from one of your men. More of those beasts are on the loose and your troops are hard pressed to fend the savage creatures off. You can't let the bandit get away with the artifact, but your followers need your help...

As if understanding your thoughts, Solus gestures to where your quarry escaped. Then he heads in the opposite direction, hurling into the cat beast. For a moment you're frozen in indecision. But Solus should be enough to turn the tide here.

You turn towards the palisade, hoping you are agile enough to climb over it like the bandit did. Its only by instinct that you dart aside in time to avoid the blades that slash at your throat from the shadows behind one of the huts.

A woman stands before you, her hair and armor crimson. That color also stains the long metal blades extending from her fingers. Though you've never seen her before, it would be hard not to recognize Bloody Alice from the descriptions which accompany the tales of her countless horrendous deeds.

"This is your doing," She hisses. "But you won't live to enjoy the victory!"


Bloody Alice sprawls in the dust, her armor decorated with new shades of red. Thousands of victims have been avenged with the death of the bandit queen, and countless more spared the grim fate which might otherwise have been visited on them at her hands.

The battle is all but over and you lend your sword arm to help finish off the remaining bloody fingers.

"The artifact?" asks Medea, an interrogative chord rising from her harp.

"He got away" you reply.

The elf's eyes narrow and an angry series of notes claw at the air. You're beginning to feel like a performer in one of the musicals they put on at the harvest festival each year.

"He can't have gone far," You say "We'll catch him."

You leap onto Solus' back, your aching body rebelling at the exertion, and head off in search of the bandit and the elven artifact. Why is nothing ever easy?


The bandit queen's mocking laugh burns in your ears. But that's better than her claws burning across your flesh. You duck behind a tent, and muster your strength. The Bloody Fingers must be destroyed.

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