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Bloodwater Pirate Epic Troop
Legion damage: 288

Duel power: 122
Attack: 145
Defense: 220
Race gnome Gnome
Role melee Melee
Source special Special
Blow 'Em out of the Water!: Bloodwater Pirate gains 40 Attack and Defense if Jallop Bloodwater is in the active legion; Bloodwater Pirate gains 25 Attack and Defense while in the Megacidal Maniacs legion; Bloodwater Pirate gains 4 Defense for each Bloodwater Pirate in the active legion; Increases Player's Attack 15 and Defense 50 against Giant raids; Chance to create a Cannonball

Bloodwater pirate
"No drinkin' or whorin' till after the plunderin'!" -- Jallop Bloodwater's rules of the sea
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions