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Blood-Drinker's Band Ring
Raid damage: 2350

Duel power: 283
Attack: 500
Defense: 350
Mark of the Vampire: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Vampire's Fang Talisman Is equipped; Extra damage against Undead raids; Increases Player's Attack against Undead by 700

Ring blood drinkers band
According to popular rumor, which always has a field day when it comes to vampires and other creatures of the night, these rings are designed to strike fear into the hearts of the living -- by indicating that the wearer might decide to tear your neck open and quaff your blood at any moment. The reality is far less ominous, however. They're simply a way for vampires to identify themselves at social functions, so servants know which beverages to offer them without the awkwardness of asking, "Excuse me, %sir%... Are you alive or undead?"
Obtained By:

Unlocking the Locked Vampiric Lockbox

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