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Blast Furnace Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 4600

Duel power: 633
Attack: 900
Defense: 1000
Recycle: 13% chance to deal 25,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each unique piece of Blast Furnace set equipped; Extra 400,000 damage against Construct raids; Extra 5% damage against Construct raids; Increases Player's Defense by 250; 20% chance to discover a piece of Clockwork Junk on hit when complete set is worn against non-Guild related Construct raids

Blast furnace helm

Blast furnace helm f

"My brothers in arms were savage monsters. They could tear the greatest of beasts from limb to limb. Combat was not something to be feared but to be delighted in. I must have watched a thousand battles won, but it only takes one battle lost." -- Recovered journal of Forge
Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions August 2016

Part of Blast Furnace Set
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