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Black Monkey Warrior's Headdress Epic Helm
Raid damage: 2900

Duel power: 342
Attack: 625
Defense: 400
Revenge of the Ozomatli: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Black Monkey Warrior Set worn; Extra damage for each unique piece of White Monkey Warrior Set owned; Extra damage against Giant raids; Extra damage against Campaigns

Helm black monkey warrior

Helm black monkey warrior f

XII. The giantess frowned.

"The other tribes bring us nothing!" she said.

"But if our poor, weak tribe makes offerings, surely our wealthy neighbors bring you even greater gifts?"

"No! Nothing!"

She growled. It was an outrage!

"If we had just a fraction of their lands and riches, we'd lay tribute at your feet every day..." the chieftain said.

Obtained By:

Giants of Chalua Hard

Part of Black Monkey Warrior Set
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