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Belsamus Epic General
Legion damage: 864

Duel power: 240
Attack: 360
Defense: 360
Race angel Angel
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Right Hand of Karuss: 21% chance to deal 3,640 damage; Increases Energy by 50

Belsamus was Karuss' greatest human champion before he was lifted to the divine realm and given a place in his deity's heavenly retinue. To those who share his faith, he thus became a tremendous inspiration -- a true symbol of the rewards piety and courage might bring forth. However, those who lead less virtuous lives find him a tiresome bore. One particularly malevolent warrior went so far as to stop murdering innocents, since that was the only way to stop Belsamus preaching at her in an effort to save her soul.
Obtained By:

Holy Chest


Belsamus big

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