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Apprentice Librarian's Dagger Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 1000

Duel power: 133
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Perception: 150
"Ook!": Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Apprentice Librarian item equipped

Off apprentice librarian
A mob of drunken yokels alleviated their afternoon boredom by bursting into a library and assaulting its students. This even caused the master librarians to issue their apprentices with daggers, so that they could defend themselves if it should ever happen again. It became mandatory for an apprentice to carry their dagger wherever they went, even inside examination halls. Thus unscrupulous students used the weapons as cheating aids -- by inscribing answers on their blades.
Obtained By:

Crafting (General - Events) - Ruined Grimoires

Part of Apprentice Librarian's Set


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Name Type Recraft Type
Librarian's Dagger Events/World Raid
Off apprentice librarian
Ruined grimoire grey
Ruined grimoire green
Ruined grimoire blue
Ruined grimoire purple
Ruined grimoire orange
Off librarian
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