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Apprentice Engineer Uncommon unique Troop
Legion damage: 7.92

Duel power: 2
Attack: 5
Defense: 2
Race gnome Gnome
Role ranged Ranged
Source intellect Intellect

Apprentice engineer
"It's not my fault!" the apprentice says. "I didn't know it'd go berserk, fly off, and smash things!"

"You're lucky no one was killed!" you say. "And speaking of smashing things..."

The gnome stares at your clenched fist with wide eyes. When you pull your arm back, she lets out a yelp.

"Wait!" she says. "I'll... I'll make it up to the villagers! I promise! I'll rebuild their homes! I'll make them better, with clockwork privies and everything!"

"Good." You lower your hand. "Just make sure the privies don't go berserk like that dragon..."

Obtained By:

Clockwork Dragon (Raid)

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