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Anselm's Shield Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 6000

Duel power: 800
Attack: 1200
Defense: 1200
Perception: 500
The Fallen: 16% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 15,000 damage for each unique piece of Anselm's set equipped; Extra 550,000 damage against Demon raids; Extra 5% damage against Demon raids; Increases critical hit chance against Demon raids by 3% if Anselm's Sword is equipped; 20% chance to reduce incoming damage by 25%; 21% chance to discover a Hellemental Chunk on hit when complete set is worn against non-Guild related Demon raids

Anselms set shield
II. His old bones practically creaked as he forced himself further up to the keep gates, stopping only once to rest under the punishing heat. As he finally walked through the courtyard, he brought his arm to dab at the sweat gathering at his brow.

"Knight Commander, we're ready if you are."

The voice belonged to Rondel, one of the younger initiates. Uldric smiled and nodded, following the young man.

Obtained By:


Part of Anselm's Set


  • Anselm's Shield is a part of one recipe.
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