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Anselm's Fallen Epic Legion

18 Generals: 8 Human, 4 Healer, 4 Strength, 2 Any
50 Troops: 15 Human, 10 Healer, 10 Strength, 15 Any
6 Armaments: 2 Relic, 2 Siege, 2 Support
Power Bonus: 200%, +800% vs Demons

Follow Into Hell: 12% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 250,000 damage if Anselm the Fallen is in the legion; Extra 1,000,000 damage against Demon raids
Legion 3
XI. Anselm sat among hosts of corpses in the infernal realm. Another battle won for his infernal lord. Another hundred years earned so that he may defend all those he had left behind. He looked over the hellish landscape and the fallen demons that rose up against him and his host.

Anselm raised his hand and a rift opened in front of him. A small window looking down on an abbey and vineyard, wherein initiates would gather grapes and old men would stomp on them in vats.

The great knight Anselm sat there for some time in the wake of the battle.

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  • Anselm's Fallen is a part of one recipe.
Anselm's Fallen Misc/Tokens
Endless dawn coin brown
Endless dawn coin grey
Endless dawn coin green
Endless dawn coin blue
Endless dawn coin purple
Endless dawn coin orange
Legion 3
Endless dawn coin red
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