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Anonymous Mask Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1600

Duel power: 208
Attack: 325
Defense: 300
Strength in Anonymity: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Anonymous item equipped; Extra damage for each unique Beastman Marauder equipment piece owned; Extra damage against Beastmen

Helm dotd anonymous
1. "Another!" The bard slammed her empty tankard onto the countertop. "I need another draught of inspiration."

The innkeeper gave his unruly guest a sour look. "I'd say you've had enough inspiration for one night."

"Nonsense!" The bard shook the mug. "I need more! I've been assigned with writing an epic about the heroes who defeated Byron Siculus!"

"I'd think that would be a cherry assignment." The innkeeper's tone was dismissive. "Wouldn't that story practically write itself?"

"Ah. Ah!" The bard waved a finger. "You'd think so, but it's not so easy to write about Anonymous."

Obtained By:

The Grey Death

Part of Anonymous Set
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