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Anklebiters Epic Legion

12 Generals: 4 Human, 4 Special (Role), 4 Wisdom
50 Troops: 10 Human, 10 Melee, 10 Special (Attribute), 20 Any
2 Armaments: 1 Relic, 1 Siege
Power Bonus: +400% vs Giants

Finders Keepers: 12% chance to deal 70,000 damage; Extra 430,000 damage against Dragon raids
Legion 3
"Other treasure hunters, they go after the pretties and the shineys. The things that glitter and sparkle and bring them gold at the bazaars. Me? I find what is old, and ugly, and frightening. I find what is twisted and ancient with power. The things I find I do not sell for gold. No metal could ever hold enough value to equal the dread they inspire." -- Esch
Obtained By:

The Scaled God (World Raid)


  • Anklebiters is a part of one recipe.
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