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Ajen the Druid Epic General
Legion damage: 1760

Duel power: 533
Attack: 700
Defense: 900
Race elf Elf
Role ranged Ranged
Source wisdom Wisdom
Pyrethrum: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Forest Queen owned (Max: 50); Extra damage against Plants; Ajen the Druid gains 5 Attack and 20 Defense for each Forest Queen owned (Max: 50)

Ajen the druid
Ajen tends to the woods the way a farmer tends to his fields. He nurtures the plants, he brings sunlight and water where it is needed, and he exterminates the pests that would feed upon his crop.

Sometimes those pests are the type with six legs, sometimes the type with only two. Either way, pests are pests. It's all the same to Ajen.

Obtained By:

The Haunted Forest (Raid)

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