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Ack'Thano the Watcher Epic General
Legion damage: 1680

Duel power: 467
Attack: 700
Defense: 700
Race magical being Magical Being
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Octuple Gaze: Chance for bonus damage; Ack'Thano gains 300 Attack and Defense in the Commander slot; Ack'Thano gains 10 Attack and Defense for every additional General in the legion and 5 Attack and Defense for every troop in the legion; Increases the Attack and Defense of all troops in the legion by 10; Increases Player's Perception by 600; (Passive) Increases the power of all legions by 5%

Ackthano the watcher
A creature from beyond the veil, it is unknown if Ack'Thano acts alone or represents an entire species of arachnid-like creatures. He often stays just out of sight, observing travelers as they make their way along the roads, but rarely reveals himself.

Those few who have seen him speak of a highly intelligent creature with telekinetic and telepathic abilities, which he wields expertly on the field of battle.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions: May 2015 New Item Pack

Additional Info:

Shadows of the Past names Ack'Thano as one of the Sh'kava; there is another general of the same race: Web Lord Yath'ash