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Abyss unique Troop
Legion damage: 540

Duel power: 200
Attack: 300
Defense: 300
Race abyssal merfolk Abyssal Merfolk
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Pitch Black: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Merfolk or Abyssal Merfolk troop or general owned; Abyss gains 1 Attack and Defense for every 5 Player levels up to Player level 2,500; Abyss gains 1 Attack and Defense for every 10 Player levels starting at Player level 2,501; (Passive) Each quest click has a chance to trigger a second quest click without additional cost (Note: this cannot spawn a second miniboss)

The merfolk tribes that associate with surface dwellers share their love of the sunlight. Though it filters down through the waters of the ocean, and in places its light falls only dimly, the keepers of the oceans have no love of the dark. They may harness the terrors of the true deep, but they are no kin to them.

There are deeper places, realms of true and utter darkness. Great trenches in the ocean floor whose yawning mouths reveal a bottomless void where no light may penetrate, and which for the merfolk represent the embodiment of death.

But far from the eyes of the sun and the gods, in the birthplace of the legendary terrors of the merfolk, there are those who are born to the dark.

And they have turned their sightless eyes upward.

Obtained By:

100Planet Coin in Bazaar


Scroller dotd premium troop abyss

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