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Abomination Illusion Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 2150

Duel power: 317
Attack: 400
Defense: 550
Perception: 500
Abominable Assault: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional piece of Abomination Illusion set equipped; Extra damage against Construct raids

Ring abomination illusion
VIII. "First, I swore. A lot. Then I visited the undertaker and shook him by the throat until I was sure he didn't have anything to do with it. Someone broke into his building and stole the bodies. And unless they were stupid enough to drag dead people through the streets, they'd have needed a cart. Didn't take long for me to find out where it'd gone. Straight out of the south gate -- where the night guard were too busy sleeping at their posts to bother checking vehicles leaving the city. What did they care if illegal goods went *out* of Bridgeport? That was a problem for the guards in whichever town they ended up in... Lazy bastards.

I saw it all. Wazz, that steaming pile of troll crap, must've made arrangements with a necromancer. If he got what was coming to him, his people would just smuggle his body someplace else and have it raised. Not the first time the scum have decided to play the zombie trick. Hell, Rotting Ralphus ran his gang for twenty years after he got stabbed through the heart -- till someone had the good sense to lop his head off.

I told Commander Erin I was going to find the bodies. She slapped me down and said I was paid to look after Bridgeport, not the whole wide world. So I shrugged, told her that was fine, but said I was owed some holiday time..."

-- Sergeant Shannon of the Bridgeport city guard

Obtained By:

Thratu's Abomination (Raid)

Part of Abomination Illusion Set
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