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• 1/5/2019

Raid that says it's on mobile, but is not.

Absolutely do not have Burbata the Spine Crusher on my epic raid list, on my Android phone, for this game.

This raid is absolutely not available to me.

I need Barracks scroll 4, and apparently this raid is the only way to get it.


Burbata the Spine-Crusher (Raid)
Burbata the Spine-Crusher (Raid) Dawn of the Dragons Wiki
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• 9/19/2017

Mobile:Unlocked Heaven's Hymn Box contents screenshots #1 thru #14 uploaded today, somebody make a page, please.

All 14 screenshots have the tags Mobile Only and Images Consumables. I do not intend to take it any further I'll leave building the Mobile:Unlocked Heaven's Hymn Box contents page to someone who reads this and knows how to make a proper page. I did this because when I went to see what was in the locked box to see if I wanted to craft it the contents of Heaven's Hymn Box and Bloody Sands Box are nowhere to be found on the wiki, so here's the screenshots for Heaven's Hymn, Bloody to follow later (when I get one more lockpick).
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• 7/7/2018

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Have fun!
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• 4/19/2017

Campaign Nodes count as Personal Raids for daily quests.

As the topic says, was recently hitting MaM nodes when it completed my "Deal X Damage to personal raids" daily.

Just a post to see if anyone can confirm this happens or if this was a one time bug.
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• 4/11/2017

Active Commander

Does the Active Commander have any role for a legion?
I know that it acts as a Any General slot and some generals get a boost from beign active commander but does it play any role in anything else? Legion power, ect.
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• 9/5/2016

Unlocked items from Fog of War quest line?

Just finished up the Fog of War quest line, but I'm very confused on this. When I defeated the cannibals, in the reward screen it had "New items in...", but I havent been to find what new items were unlocked. Anybody know what items these could be??
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• 7/17/2016

How I redeem promo codes?

How can I redeem promo codes (Bazaar)? Where?
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• 6/9/2016

New Craftable Locked Box?

New Locked Box Just got this as a raid drop.
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• 2/14/2016

Crafting Recipes Revamped

We have revamped the way recipes work on the wiki:

Recipes are now also displayed on relevant item pages
Recipes display the tabs under which they can be found ingame.
The new template can display up to 6 results (Example)

We still need to design a mobile friendly version and would appreciate it if users that access the wiki from mobile devices could comment on the best way to display them on their devices (would a list be better than a table? should the images be displayed or is it better without them? etc.).

Any constructive feedback would be appreciated, please comment in this thread.
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• 12/16/2015


Is it possible to get a character on one of the servers reset?
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• 8/26/2015

Summon a monster ?

How do I summon Raid? Before selling the stones in the store, but now has more ...
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• 8/7/2015
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• 7/1/2015

Summon Locked

My summoning option for small an large raids is locked. Does anyone know how this happens and how to unlock this? Thx for help!
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• 6/10/2015

Armour Scroll 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found that the Armour Scroll 5 is gotten from Baroness NM raid. I've done the raid 42 times on NM!!!! Just how rare of a drop is this thing????
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• 5/3/2015

Anyone know...

Anyone know where Hammer (Guild Raid) is getting the Category:Mobile Version from?
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• 4/10/2015

Duplicate items in bonus vs catagories

I am seeing two sets listed of the Abandoned, Steam Fanatic's, and Castle Mandrake sets listed in the following pages:
Not sure how to remove them myself and there may be more items listed twice in other catagories.
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• 4/10/2015

what is the special ring in the bazaar?

it's stats suck but i assume it has some purpose other then to drive me crazy.  initially i thought it was a adventure item but it's not, anyone know?
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• 4/4/2015


how did we escape the tomb of caracalla lorewise i have searched everywhere please help i wanna know :)
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• 4/1/2015

guide me?

New to DotD for web version level 904 on mobile and i was anting to know what would you suggest for an easy item set to obtain from a raid? im already aiming for wild warden set but i was wanting to start working on a set before that like on mobile you can farm a raid called Portal (jershan'thurn's portal) and get Jershan'thurn's gear which has a okish proc rate and super easy to get
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• 3/5/2015

DOTD doesn't work for me! Tried on Armour Games and Kongregate but always stuck on the start up page.

When I try loading up DOTD on either sites it doesn't work and it gets the loading bar up perfectly fine and says "Retreiving data files" (or something like tht :D) but is always stuck on the connecting part.  BTW, my adblock does not affect this in any way have tried with and without adblock on always turns out to be the same results.Plus I have played this game before and on both sites! Any suggestions?

On Kongregate On Armour Games
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